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Here is a line up of sessions:

Building Towards Success: An engineer’s guide to what works in the classroom  By Kevin Hardin (MS) : During this hands on activity participants build balloon towers and share their best classroom practices with each other.
Engineering Happily Ever After  By Brian Bortz and Melinda Chase (EL) : In this hands-on session, attendees will be given ideas for integrating fairy tales with the engineering and design process.  Students worked with a civil engineer to learn about bridge building, designed and tested drinking straw bridges, and took a field trip to a bridge over the Ohio and Erie Towpath Canal trail. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the process for themselves as well as hearing about and seeing examples.
Hands on Evolution: Activities, Simulations and Resources  By:Lisa Borgerding, Courtney O’Donnell, Tyler Miller, & Preston Goodie (HS) : In this session, several hands-on lessons that engage students in thinking about geologic time, natural selection, evidence for evolution, and real-life applications of evolution for ecology,medicine, and beyond will be presented. Teachers will be provided with brief lesson plans and student sheets for activities, web and app resources.
How to Quickly and Effectively incorporate Technology into your Science Curriculum by Julie Thomas (MS) : See how Pasco’s new line of wireless sensors can efficiently be used in the classroom to demonstrate scientific concepts for any discipline and on any technology platform.
Memoirs of a Goldfish    By Stephanie Nowak (EL) : Become Mythbusters in an engaging lesson to have students prove that goldfish have a memory longer than 3 seconds. Using an integrated approach focused on inquiry based learning and tech integration, attendees will get a glimpse on how to tie it all together to create deep meaningful learning.
pGLO Genetic Transformation by Heather Bryan and Jeremy Groves (HS) ; Genetically transform bacteria in your own classroom! Insert a gene from a jellyfish into a bacteria cell and watch the bacteria glow! One participant will go home with a free pGLO kit!
Science/Math Integration for a Sustainable Planet By Kathleen Rocco
Sharks are More than Teeth by Ray Patacca, Erin Bauer, and Matt Debelak (MS)
: Sharks are one of the most misunderstood creatures on earth and are to be revered and not feared.  Discover how human actions affect sharks and how research scientists at OCEARCH tag and track sharks to unlock their secrets. We’ll share some activities to illustrate sharks’ role in the ecosystem and more.
Science/Math Integration for a Sustainable Planet By Kathleen Rocco (EL):. In this hands-on workshop, participants will participate in innovative activities that illustrate the science and math behind real-world human ecology issues. Presented strategies will include creating representational models with manipulatives, cooperative group problem-solving challenges, graphical analysis and role-playing simulations. Participants will receive lesson plans matching to Ohio Learning Standards.

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